A Taste for Absinthe
65 Recipes for Classic & Contemporary Cocktails
A Book By
- R. Winston Guthrie
- with James F. Thompson
- Photography by Liza Gershman



R. Winston Guthrie

R. Winston Guthrie is a renowned expert on the art of producing and enjoying absinthe, and has garnered the respect of millions of absinthe enthusiasts around the world via his popular website, AbsintheBuyersGuide.com. He developed a passion for absinthe while pursuing his interests in the history of spirited beverages and beer making. He has advised local distilleries on the production of absinthe and gin. He has also won local and national awards for making beer. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife.


James F. Thompson

James F. Thompson is a writer and editor who lives in New York City. He has an extensive publishing background that spans books, travel guides, print magazines and various online publications. He specializes in cultural affairs, food and beverages, humor, travel, music, history, sports, marketing, advertising, branding and business writing.