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Suisse Verte Absinthe Artisanale

 Alandia Suisse Verte





Suisse Verte is the green brother of the famous Suisse La Bleue. A blend of finest wormwood and 11 aromatic mountain herbs give this Absinthe its complex character.

It is produced at the Matter Distillery in Switzerland. The color is a bright peridot green. The wormwood and anise is perfectly balanced. The alcohol level is nice at 72%, but not too much heat. It produces a beautiful opalescent louche.

Suisse Verte is one of my favorites and I like to use it when introducing new people to absinthe for the first time.

  • Category: Deluxe
  • Color: Green
  • Alcohol: 72% Alcohol
  • Content: 0.7 Liter Bottle
  • Country: Switzerland


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